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App Injepro Connect + Connect Pro | Know how to connect your Injepro via Bluetooth signal.

In this video we demonstrate some of the functions and configurations available in the Injepro Connect app for Android.

With the Injepro Connect you can connect you phone or tablet (AndroidOS) to your Injepro, via Bluetooth signal, using the Bluetooth Connect Pro adapter.

You can use your phone or tablet as a dashboard, visualizing RPM, turbo pressure and other infos, configure alerts and do corrections in your Injepro. The app has a Tune-Up emulater, making possible to do fast configurations to your ECU.

To do the connection, follow the instructions below:
1- The INJEPRO has a mini USB cable, that has to be connected to your INJEPRO ECU's mini USB input, que deve ser ligado na porta mini USB da sua injeção INJEPRO.
2 - After connecting the emulator to your INJEPRO, make sure that the bluetooth function is active on the device that the Injepro Connect is installed.
3 - With this done, pairing the devices is needed. The standard username and password of the INJEPRO is "CONNECT-PRO" and "1234", respectively.
4 - After pairing the device to the Connect Pro, open the app and select the option "CONNECT-PRO". Done! You're connected to the app and it is ready to be used! (It's possible to change the app's password, ensuring more security against improper uses. (Check in the video).

The Connect Pro bluetooth adapter and the Injepro Connect app are available to the ECU line o aplicativo Injepro Connect estão disponíveis para a linha de injeções INJEPRO.

The INjepro Connect app is compatible witj any smartphone that has the AndroidOS with the 4.0 or higher visions and tablets that has Bluetooth or USB Host.